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Announcement of FreeEOS-1.4.0

FreeEOS-1.4.0 has been released on 2005-04-22. The principal change to the software is that older versions of FreeEOS used a spline fit to approximate the Coulomb implementation introduced in this version of FreeEOS and described in Paper III. This difference greatly simplifies the programming and introduces negligible change to the results. Also, the option suite previously called EOS1 is now redesignated as EOS1a. The new EOS1 option suite is the same as EOS1a except that small-abundance elements have their ionization treated in detail rather than treated with the full-ionization approximation. This makes a small difference that might be significant for solar oscillation calculations. Download the FreeEOS-1.4.0 tarball from here and have a look at the release notes and ChangeLog here.

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